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Your shoreline is a piece of artwork, and we are the artists. Our shoreline protection systems are both beautiful and robust, withstanding the elements mother nature can throw at it, while maintaining a natural look and feel. Whether it’s a shoreline restoration project, a new construction project, or a repair to existing waterfront, every shoreline is unique, and requires careful thought and preparation. Our approach to shoreline design is distinctively different, let’s make your waterfront property stand out. Find out why we are Ontario’s only Award Winning Shoreline Company.

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Our process always starts with detailed planning, design and permits before any construction begins. A careful combination of premium natural materials and precise project management is an essential component of your shoreline investment. To ensure top quality we hand-pick our stones at our quarry for every single project, offering only the best materials to ensure the longevity of your waterfront protection.

Our expert technicians will install your shoreline quickly and efficiently using our state-of-the-art equipment to fit each piece together like a puzzle. Our goal is to make your shoreline the focal point of your waterfront property. Explore our premium waterfront services offered all along the shores of Georgian Bay and the Great Lakes. 

Nestled gracefully on the waters edge.


Spectacular views of Georgian Bay with a beautiful blend of clean lines and natural features. An entertainers paradise, this unique combination of elegant outdoor living and structural durability is nestled right on the waters edge.  Unique creative and structural elements dare this project to push the limits.

Shorelines are a perfect place for permeable patios.


Experience summer sunsets in luxurious style with expansive views of Georgian Bay. A thoughtful combination of carefully placed boulders, native plants, and comfortable seating areas create this beautiful landscape. A permeable patio built from robust pieces of limestone makes an iconic look.

A special piece of georgian bay coastline etched in stone by pritty landscapes.


A magnificent display of creativity and precision crafted this unique slice of pristine waterfront landscape anchored on Georgian Bay. A large granite staircase winds its way down to the waters edge through the carefully placed shoreline boulders, natural stone terraces, and elaborate garden design. 

A beautiful lakefront design in the fall.


A thoughtful blend of natural elements enhance this unique piece of Georgian Bay waterfront. An artistic arrangement of granite used along the shoreline provides structural stability and natural beauty, while complimenting the existing native bedrock. A Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence winner.

Shoreline restoration company.


Protect your property against erosion caused from high winds, large waves, and damaging ice with our signature granite shoreline systems. We can both restore and extend your shoreline to improve the value of your waterfront. This robust shoreline restoration puts an exclamation mark on coastal living. 

Endless views is a winner of the 2024 landscape ontario awards of excellence.


Experience coastal living with endless views of Georgian Bay. Careful planning and coastal engineering are key elements in coordinating a successful shoreline remediation project when dealing with high water levels and working within the designated flood plain. 

Exclusive waterfront designs.


This epic waterfront is nestled on the shores of Georgian Bay, towering over the vast coastline of natural stone. An epic grand staircase carves its way through the layers of rock that protect against erosion from large waves, high winds, and winter ice. This epic hybrid shoreline design will turn some heads!

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A blend of natural granite boulders retain both the shoreline and the large embankment supporting this cottage. The oversized pieces replicate a native bedrock formation as natural plants soften the edges throughout this design. This award winning waterfront design is a naturally refined outdoor oasis.

Architectural designs by pritty landscapes.

Count on PRITTY LANDSCAPES for your shoreline design, protection and restoration

Our team of experienced designers and contractors are passionate about developing your creative concepts into something beautiful.  We offer a range of specialized waterfront services including shoreline protection and restoration, breakwall and groyne construction, and environmental remediation for sensitive shorelines. Our team will handle all of your permits, planning, design, topographic survey, structural drawings and coastal engineering.

We believe in using sustainable practices to work with Mother Nature, not against her. We understand the importance of protecting the natural environment across Southern Ontario. That’s why we work to minimize our impact on the environment while creating beautiful outdoor living spaces.


Two-time green stamp award winner.



Coastal engineering is a specialized division of civil engineering that addresses development along our shorelines. Coastal engineering is an integral part of the design phase that focuses on the dynamic impact of proposed development along our shorelines in respect to coastal hazards such as erosion, floods, and dynamic beaches.  

Pritty Landscapes is Ontario’s only Award Winning shoreline contractor with an extensive track record that speaks for itself. As an authority in shoreline protection we can provide you with a product that is both structurally advanced as well as aesthetically pleasing. Our state of the art equipment and techniques allow us to execute your shoreline in a highly efficient manner. Our personalized approach and passion for creativity and sustainability guides us towards an outstanding  finished product that we are always proud to put our name on. 

At Pritty Landscapes, we offer a range of specialized shoreline services including several areas of focus. Focus 1 includes site assessment, shoreline design, and if required, coastal engineering. Focus 2 includes the implementation of new shoreline protection structures, breakwall structures, rock groynes, and water access entry points. Focus 3 includes repair and restoration of existing shoreline structures along with remediation of sensitive coastal environments.  

The length of the design process can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the specific needs of the client. Designs can typically take anywhere from 3-4 weeks upwards to several months based on the required detail and scope of work. Extensive projects requiring building permits, engineered drawings, the MNR and local conservation authorities will require more time.

The cost of a shoreline project can vary depending on the scope of the project and the specific services required. At Pritty Landscapes, we work with each of our clients to create a customized plan that meets their needs and budget. Variable elements such as project access conditions, elevations, product availability, material selection, and location each have a part to play in respective costs. 

At Pritty Landscapes, we use nothing but the best materials for your shoreline project. We always prefer our signature,  premium Ontario granite for your armour layer, while offering a more cost-effective limestone rip rap for your drainage layer. We extract and source our own granite cap rock from a robust layer of dense Canadian Shield.  

Shoreline protection is the process of enhancing the structural integrity of your waterfront to protect against erosion and other forms of damage caused by fluctuating water levels, high winds, boat traffic and winter ice. On large bodies of water such as Georgian Bay, this work typically includes the use of large boulders carefully placed along the waters edge to help stabilize the shoreline during wave uprush. As water levels continue to rise, shoreline protection remains the key to maintaining and preserving your waterfront real estate. 

Break walls and groynes are large rock structures built offshore into a body of water to protect beachfront real estate and water access points against significant wave uprush. Break walls are often used for marina and harbour inlets to provide a calm transition for boating traffic. Groynes are often used for preserving beach front, where they extend into the water and often curl to protect against the prevailing wind direction. Breakwalls and groynes are typically built from water access using barges, platforms and tugboats. 

At Pritty Landscapes, we are committed to using sustainable practices in all of our design and construction services. This includes methods such as using native plants and best water management practices to enhance the natural features of your landscape. We apply principles of sustainable design on every project to ensure no stone is left unturned. 

Have you ever heard the expression in life, nothing comes for free? The same applies to award winning design and build services. If we ran around offering free consultations, it would take away our valuable time from our paying clients who deserve it the most. Our highly personalized approach puts a valuable premium on Tyler’s time, requiring a small, location based consultation fee to start our process.

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Serving waterfront communities in Blue Mountain, Collingwood, Honey Harbour, Meaford, Muskoka, Thornbury, and along the shores of Georgian Bay. 

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