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Naturally Refined Shoreline Restoration

A blend of natural granite boulders retain both the shoreline and the large embankment supporting this cottage. The oversized pieces replicate a native bedrock formation as natural plants soften the edges throughout this design. Enjoy your waterfront all season long with a creative spin on traditional landscape design principles. Explore what our talented team can do with your outdoor living space!


Granite Shores

Your shoreline is a piece of artwork, and we are the artists. Our shoreline protection systems are both beautiful and robust, withstanding the elements mother nature can throw at it, while maintaining a natural look and feel. Whether it’s a shoreline restoration project, a new construction project, or a repair to existing waterfront, every shoreline is unique, and requires careful thought and preparation. Our approach to shoreline design is distinctively different, let’s make your waterfront property stand out.

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Serving waterfront communities in Blue Mountain, Collingwood, Honey Harbour, Meaford, Muskoka, Thornbury, and all along the shores of Georgian Bay. 

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