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Residential Landscape Architecture

We provide residential landscape architecture services that support all of your projects needs. We combine natural elements with classic architectural principles to craft naturally refined outdoor spaces. We offer traditional hand drawn designs with colour as well as modern CAD drawings and 3D renderings powered by our industry leading Dynascape Software. Whether you prefer the old fashioned personal touch, or a more modern, state of the art approach, we’ve got you covered on all fronts. Explore our distinctively different design process and creative concept development used to achieve results we are proud to put our name on. Design, permits, or planning – Let us get started on your sustainable landscape design today. 

From Concept to Completion

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1. Consultation

Your landscape is a reflection of you. Your values, your interests, your style – these are the key elements we dig into before we start any design. At our first meeting we’ll spend some time getting to know each other and your property. We’ll also spend time making sure we’re on the same page regarding the project scope. At this time, we will share an estimate of the design cost with you.

2. Creative DESIGN

Our design process includes collaborative meetings to share ideas and forecast any unique design challenges. Following any feedback, we craft a precise set of drawings in order to prepare a detailed cost estimate. We are passionate about concept development and providing our clients with creatively inspired designs.
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Chich chalet design


Once you’ve agreed to move ahead with us and paid your deposit, our team will get to work gathering all the necessary information. This includes taking additional measurements and inventory of your property to ensure no stone is left unturned.


Time for our expert project management team to shine. We will draft a precise set of construction plan drawings required for any structural aspects of the project. All project permits, logistics and scheduling will be arranged during this phase.
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As we schedule your construction start date, you’ll have a chance to meet with your project manager and other members of our team. Once scheduled, our crews will arrive on-time, act courteously while on-site and will leave the site clean and tidy at the end of the day.


Once construction is complete, your project manager will walk through everything with you to ensure 100% satisfaction. You will receive a final invoice at this point, as well as a detailed overview of our warranty.
Landscape architecture.

Award Winning sustainable LANDSCAPE DESIGN Services

We have received the Green Stamp Award for our commitment to using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in our landscape design and build projects. Green Stamp Award winners showcase excellence in the use of sustainable landscape methods such as permeable paving, native planting designs, and best water management practices. 

At Pritty Landscapes, we believe in not only creating beautiful outdoor spaces but also in protecting and preserving the natural environment. Our team is trained to enhance the natural features of your property while blending creative elements and sourcing local organic materials whenever possible. 



Landscape design is the process of creating a personalized plan to help discover, enjoy and explore your outdoor living space. This can include designing ponds, waterfalls, pools, patios, carpentry, masonry, and planting arrangements. Connecting these creative elements  together in a thoughtful manner is the art of landscape design. 

A landscape designer can help you create a beautiful and functional outdoor space tailored to your personality, taste and lifestyle. They can also ensure that your landscape is sustainable and water certified with the use of native planting and best water management practices. Landscape designers offer valuable insight and experience in crafting bespoke outdoor living spaces with a very high degree of detail. 

At Pritty Landscapes, we offer a range of design services including hand sketched conceptual drawings, extensive architectural designs that marry your home and landscape, as well as detailed 3D sketches and realistic renders that help even the most artistically challenged clients envision their expectations. Our designs typically fall into 3 main categories including master landscape plans, construction drawings, and detail plans. Detail plans often entail a more isolated approach to a particular aspect of the design, such as outdoor structures and entertainment areas, ecosystem ponds and waterscapes, or articulate garden designs and planting presentations.

The length of the design process can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the specific needs of the client. Designs can typically take anywhere from 3-4 weeks upwards to several months based on the required detail and scope of work. Extensive projects requiring building permits, engineered drawings, the MNR and local conservation authorities will require more time.

The cost of landscape design can vary depending on the scope of the project and the specific services required. At Pritty Landscapes, we work with each of our clients to create a customized plan that meets their needs and budget. Variables such as technical requirements and specific job details, along with creative demands and your preferred presentation method will play a role in the cost of our design services. A design for a small backyard or basic scope of work typically costs between $1,500 – $3,000. A larger more complex design involving multiple focal points, elaborate planting designs, and detailed construction drawings typically costs between $3,000 – $6,000. A highly detailed, extensive design for large estate properties can typically cost over $6,000, depending on the size of the estate. 3D renderings for any size of project typically start off at a minimum cost of an additional $1,500. 

Residential landscape architecture plays an integral part in the transition between your home and your landscape. Landscape architecture embodies our duty of environmental stewardship in consideration to the elements of careful design, precise planning, and the future sustainability of your landscape. 

At Pritty Landscapes, we are committed to using sustainable practices in all of our design and construction services. This includes methods such as using native plants and best water management practices to enhance the natural features of your landscape. We apply all of our relative principles of sustainable design on each project to ensure no stone is left unturned, crafting landscapes with enriched biodiversity. 

To get started on your landscape design project, simply contact us to schedule a consultation. At the consultation, Tyler will get a chance to know you and your property as you discuss your vision, goals, and budget. At the end of this meeting you will be provided with an estimate for the design services required.

Shoreline protection is the process of enhancing the structural integrity of your waterfront to protect against erosion and other forms of damage caused by fluctuating water levels, high winds, boat traffic and winter ice. On large bodies of water such as Georgian Bay, this work typically includes the use of large boulders carefully placed along the waters edge to help stabilize the shoreline during wave uprush. As water levels continue to rise, shoreline protection remains the key to maintaining and preserving your waterfront real estate. 

Have you ever heard the expression in life, nothing comes for free? The same applies to award winning design and build services. If we ran around offering free consultations, it would take away our valuable time from our paying clients who deserve it most. Our personalized approach puts a valuable premium on Tyler’s time, requiring a small, location based consultation fee to start our design process.

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Reach out to discover more about our exceptional design and build services. Our design team will take all elements into consideration when developing your creative concepts. Our build team will masterfully bring these concepts to life with passion and precision. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.