At the root of every project is our mission is to connect you with the beauty of nature.
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We are a team of motivated professionals with a shared mission to create beautiful and sustainable landscapes inspired by nature. Blend your modern lifestyle with a thoughtful landscape that elevates the way you spend time outdoors.


To create an immersive natural environment that enriches the way we interact with nature in our daily lives. Our authentic design and build process will transform your property into something truly remarkable.

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We grow and develop together as a team through our shared success and failures. We strive to exceed all expectations while displaying integrity and expertise. Passion, teamwork and commitment to excellence are the values we draw from.

Featured Testimonial

I originally met Tyler in his first year of business on a job site in my neighbourhood.  At the time, several landscapers had already provide estimates for me based on my idea of building a retaining wall that would keep my inclined backyard from eroding further.  Tyler’s approach was different.  I could sense the ideas formulating in his mind as we spoke.  I knew that I wanted more than a wall of stones and rock, but the existing waterfalls, the plantings of trees and various flowers and plants; and the creation of what we now both refer to as my ‘magical forest’ was something that he alone designed. 

From the very first placement of armour stone, I knew that this was a very special project, and that I simply needed to trust in Tyler’s experience, excitement, and vision; inspired by the countless hours and avid appreciation that he has for nature; observing, taking in everything; and then bringing to life an inspired ‘natural oasis’ in the urban outdoors. 

I appreciated Tyler’s quest to combine elements that served to achieve a natural effect, together with the practical requirements that I needed.  I trust Tyler.  I respect his work ethic and how he stands behind the water features he installs, his planning and design, and his workmanship.  His attention to detail; the sound of the water cascading over rocks that mirror what you would find in nature, the ‘planting’ (or placing) of natural elements to accentuate ponds and waterfalls; and of being always aware of the integral pieces that will support and sustain what he has built for years to come.

From one overjoyed client to a potential new client:  I think what’s important for any landscape creation is to allow the ideas; to never resist the flow of creativity – even if you do not have a limitless budget.  What you will receive if you remain open to the ideas and design that Tyler will bring to your project – is the most beautiful and perfectly adaptive landscape that you may choose to continue adding to and enjoying (for as long as you care for it – with love). 

I am so grateful to be one of Tyler’s ‘forever’ clients.  I also appreciate how we wants to ensure that his clients have the same level of enjoyment from what he and his crew have built, as he does in those moments when everyone has finished for the day and he, before departing – can stand quietly taking it all in, admiring what has been accomplished – maybe with a smile of satisfaction and camera in hand to capture everything in that final moment.  Thank you to Tyler, Mike, ‘Q’, Angelo, Wes, Andrew… I am forever grateful to you all.  My magical forest is a huge element of my ‘heaven on earth’.


Dorothy R.


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    675 Cochrane Dr Suite 600-E, Markham ON L3R 0B8
    64 Hurontario St, Collingwood ON L9R L9Y 2L6

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